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When you can’t be there…


Membership in this program entitles you to access the services from all of the following participants:

Medication Call Reminder

This automated program features 3 to 5 personalized reminder calls daily plus a text confirmation to the caregiver.  Help keep your loved one healthier and reduce stress when you put Medication Call Reminder to work for your family.

Kinder Reminder

The automated system that calls your loved one, utilizing your voice to express your love and good wishes every week of the year.  KR also affords the opportunity to send a gift with your expressions of care.

Ask Kim, the Holistic Caregiver Coach

  1. You can get answers to your most perplexing caregiver questions from Kim Linder.  Kim has had extensive experience working with seniors and their families while managing senior living communities and hosting a caregiver talk show for many years.  She is a Certified Senior Advisor (C.S.A.) and provides counseling to families and companies throughout the country.

Nurses Helpline

(Only available for Premium members)

Get access to thousands of nurses by telephone 24/7 for advice on everyday issues of health for you and all of your family members.

Caregiver Record Keeper-e-Journal

Taking time to chart a course for an elderly loved one requires organization and keeping up-to-date with appointments, medications and doctor’s visits. Caregivers find that there is much value to memorializing the path they and their loved ones travel during this passage of life.  Our Record Keeper-e-Journal is the perfect tool for caregivers during their caregiving journey.


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