The New Age of Caregiving

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Day-to-day caring for an elderly loved one requires practical “how to” information, professional guidance and the emotional reassurance needed to help you plan and manage the role and responsibilities of caregiving.

Our Services

Medication Call Reminder

This automated program features 3 to 5 personalized reminder calls daily plus a text confirmation to the caregiver.  Help keep your loved one healthier and reduce stress when you put Medication Call Reminder to work for your family.

Kinder Reminder

The automated system that calls your loved one, utilizing your voice to express your love and good wishes every week of the year.  KR also affords the opportunity to send a gift with your expressions of care.

Caregiver Record Keeper-e-Journal

Taking time to chart a course for an elderly loved one requires organization and keeping up to date with appointments, medications, and doctor’s visits.  Our Record Keeper-e-Journal is the perfect tool for caregivers during their caregiving journey.

Alliance Long Distance Family Caregivers

Give your loved ones the gift of companionship, health, and safety with Kinder Reminder™️.  In your voice, this unique telephone service that delivers your personalized message of love, medication reminders, and appointment notices daily, weekly or any frequency of your choice.